Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Procaster is a FREE
desktop appliion makes quality live broadcasting simple, while
dramatically and automatically boosting the quality of your strms to
the absolute highest levels possible. With one click you can strm your
DV cam, webcam, games and desktop to hundreds of thousands of viewers!

Procaster is fully integrated with livestrm.com’s proven scalability, professional channel pages, and embeddable player. Procaster includes ftures that will turn any live broadcast and presentation into an instant blockbuster, including:

- Record & Play: We record directly in the strming service so your shows are available immediately for download or on-demand viewing.
- Broadcast Your Camera: Use any camera or webcam connected your computer. Support for Firewire, USB and input cards.
- Broadcast Your Screen: If it's on your screen it can be a live strm. Powerpoint, web browsing, even and audio!
- Broadcast Your Game: Hook directly into DirectX and OpenGL to reproduce your 3D gaming experience online.
- siest to Use: One-click live broadcasting to all your players on the internet.
- Highest Quality: The best quality live strming possible, supporting 16:9, HD, and auto-adapting framerate.
- Chat: Fully moderated rl-time chat in all your players.
- Promote: Grow your audience by sending a tweet when you're live with Twitter fully integrated. - Flash Based Player: Link to your channel page on livestrm.com or embed your player anywhere on the internet.
- Solid Desktop App: Get away from browser limitations and unlsh the full power of your computer's processor.
- Mix in Rltime 2D/3D: Mix multiple inputs like a professional studio. Includes picture-in-picture and rl time 3D layouts. - 100,000+ Viewers: Rch huge audiences over the massively scalable Livestrm network.

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