Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PrintGhost - New eration virtual printer tool that provides additional options

PrintGhost 1.0 is a new eration virtual printer tool that provides additional options, combining several print jobs into one or enabling users to do poster printing (a unique fture not available in any virtual printers relsed to this date).

The primary objective of PrintGhost, as of any virtual printer, is crting virtual documents in TIFF, JPEG or BMP formats that can be e-mail, posted on the web or printed out. The advantage of the tool is that it saves ink and paper and makes paperless document processing a viable and affordable option even for small s with a few employees.

The poster printing option available in PrintGhost makes it possible to take any document in A4 or other popular format and scale it up to a poster of any size. Likewise, the program can be used to take a large and fit it into a single page.

Whers other virtual printers tend to substitute rl ones, PrintGhost acts as a bridge between the two, providing print job preview options for rl printers. The program can "intercept" print jobs sent to rl printers to give users more print options that are available in PrintGhost. After alterations are made, the document can be printed with a rl printer or converted into an .

DownloadPrintGhost v1.1 from link below :
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