Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Recovery Engine for Network Connections

Recovery Engine for Network Connections (NPRE) is a program that will help you recover saved dialup, ADSL and VPN s. When you were crting a connection to the Internet, offered you to save your username and for your convenience. It is actually convenient because you do not have to remember the complied .

Unfortunately, this convenience has a disadvantage as well. When you reinstall or move your settings to another computer, you will have to recollect all your s. Our program will help you to see all your saved s to network connections and move them to a new computer.

Recovery Engine Main ftures :
Recovering usernames and s to connections instantly;Displaying the connection type and its name;Displaying usernames and s for all connections on the computer (for all users);Supporting dialup, VPN, broadband connections;Running under XP, 2000The program is sy to use. Just download and run it. You will immediately see the list of all connections with saved s. Thus, you get access to all saved s. The program allows you to save s to all connections to a text file. It will help you sily move them while reinstalling .

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