Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Print Censor Professional - Advanced printer usage monitoring software

Print Censor Professional (also known as Printer Usage Censor) is rlly simple and even a beginner will have no trouble dling with it. The program uses a step-by-step setup, which mns that any user can sily install and run the program. Print Censor is distributed electronically over the Internet and is free to try! All you need is download your copy and start saving money right away.

Print Censor Pro doesn't brk at mere analysis of printing data, it allows you to set printing quotas for groups and individual users and this makes Print Censor Pro a rlly state-of-the-art program and a natural choice for any system administrator. The second anyone in your company exceeds their printing limit they are notified of it by Print Censor Pro and all their printing activity is blocked. Print Censor Pro saves you a lot of money by eliminating non-work usage of your company's printers.

Print Censor Pro helpfully allows you to view the printed jobs content. This, plus excessive printing data gathered for you by Print Censor Pro, allows you to use it to fairly set individual quotas for every printer. A grt advantage of Print Censor Pro is its flexibility which let you incrse quotas for particular users, for example, a secretary or an accountant, or change them according to workload changes. You can also view the print jobs set in the queue for printing and, in case of a printer brk down, lack of paper or ink, etc., move all its jobs to another printer.

Not all the computers in your net may have the same OS installed on them. That doesn't cause even a bit of a problem for Print Censor Professional which can determine and store print jobs crted under various operating systems: DOS, 3.11/95/98/ME, NT/2000/XP/7, Server 2003/2008, Macintosh, Linux and other Unix versions.

Print jobs manager provided by Print Censor Pro allows you to execute all basic operations and print jobs directly from Print Censor Pro. You have it all in one window right in front of you on your computer's screen. Remote management of printers installed on other computers is also on the list of Print Censor Pro useful ftures.

Print Censor Pro works as a service, which mns it automatically starts when the computer boots up and all print jobs will be recorded, even if a user does not log in to the system. Print Censor Professional can and will make your routine print job management sy, cut down your printing expenses and let you better predict the need for printing materials and servicing for the whole network.

Download Print Censor Professional - Advanced printer usage monitoring software from link below :
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