Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Neotrek File Data Pro 2.59

Neotrek File Data Pro is the idl file development and construction utility for Developers, Administrators and Power Users. Neotrek File Data Pro allows you to crte new files of any type and build and design file structures of any format. View, srch and repair files as well as data and content. Set file attributes and crte patterns of data within files.

Neotrek File Data Pro repair individual records in datafiles. Import, crte and add content to files. Copy and move data within files. Merge content and test files for parity. Change file size or rename files. Update and compare folders of files to filtered conditions and crte folder structure parity. Mass numerical rename files in folders of a simular content such as picture or data files.

Neotrek File Data Pro allows you to perform the following tasks:
Crte new files of any type.Build and Design file structures of any format.View and Repair files as well as data and content.Import, Crte and add content to records and data files.Merge content from files and restructure file data.Compare files and test for parity.Update folders and folder structures of files.Mass rename files in folders numerically.The various main tasks and functions of Neotrek File Data Pro are accessable by using the tab strip to click on ch hding. Download Neotrek File Data Pro 2.59 from link below :
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