Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Free Internet Privacy Eraser v3.0 - Erase all Traces of Your Internet and Computer Activities

Free Privacy Eraser allows you to erase all traces of your Internet and computer activities, including browser cache, cookies, visited websites, typed URLs, recent documents, index.dat files and more. It supports dozens of 3rd party appliions, such as playlist of Rlplayer, recent files of , srch history of Google Toolbar etc. You can set up it to delete files completely to protect them from being recovered by others.

Why do you need Free Privacy Eraser?
Your Internet activities can be traced through cache, cookies, and history. and third party software stores information that could compromise your privacy.Unwanted garbage from daily usage and internet surfing can build up over time, slowing down your system's performance and lving a trail of your web browsing habits for anyone to see!
Free Internet Privacy Eraser v3.0 Ftures:

Remove the tracks of your activities completely

1. Item
Erase recent documents historyErase Start Menu -- Run/Find historyErase the files in Window recycle binErase temporary files directoryErase clipboardErase memory dumpsErase chkdsk file fragmentsErase log filesErase menu order cacheErase open/save dialog historyErase tray notifiions cacheErase user assist historyErase MediaPlayer/Rl Player historyErase Paint historyErase Erase Instant Messengers, Support MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype

2. Browser Items (Internet Explorer/Netscape/Firefox/Opera/Google Chrome)
Erase cache files (Temporary Internet Files)Erase Internet cookiesErase visited URL historyErase recently typed URLsErase IE index.dat filesErase last download loionErase AutoComplete historyErase preferences.3. Plugin support
With the support for plug-ins, Free Privacy Eraser can sily erase the tracks of the popular appliions. Removing these stored activities will further help protect your privacy. We currently offer more than 100 plug-ins which supports the most popular programs such as ASee, Acrobat, KaZaA Media Desktop, Morpheus, Winzip, WinRAR, Power, and much more.

4. Custom Items
Custom Items allow you to add, and edit the Custom Item, with which you can erase file(s), folder or registry entry(s) that you want to erase.
Smart Cookie Saver - Cookies Manager enables you to decide which cookies to keep and which to erase. This is useful as some of these files keep information that helps you browse more sily sites that you often use and trust.Schedule Mode - You can start a cln on startup/shutdown, and even a specified interval based on your choose.Secure Delete - Free Privacy Eraser can completely overwrite files with random characters up to 10 times. So they cannot be sily recovered.Boss - Immediately hide all web browser with the press of a when someone you don't want to see your files walks in.Speed up your computer - By clning your temp files, cached files, free up your hard drive space, Free Privacy Eraser can speed up your surfing experience and computer speed.Download Free Internet Privacy Eraser v3.0 from link below :
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