Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Unitrends Recovery series backup appliances - Backup, Archiving, Disaster Recovery and virtually test drive in your own environment

Unitrends, the lding provider in integrated and scalable backup solutions, today announced that Rappahannock eral Hospital terminated its use of Backup Exec and ARCserve in favor of Unitrends backup appliances for an instant improvement in backup, archiving and disaster recovery usability, reliability and performance.

Prior to deploying Unitrends’ solution, Virginia’s Rappahannock eral Hospital had two tape-based backup software products, Backup Exec and ARCserve, which were necessary to protect their single information technology infrastructure. “The two backup software products were very confusing to use and were not helping me do my job in securing data,” David Glosser, IS Engineer, Rappahannock eral Hospital, said.

The backup software products were failing to protect RGH’s mission-critical information technology infrastructure, which were responsible for protecting a growing amount of critical data from foundation and engineering software to physician practices and hospital information systems.

Rather than continuing to invest staff labor to resolve recurring issues with the tape solutions, RGH opted out of their Backup Exec and ARCserve s and replaced these backup software products with the Unitrends Recovery series backup appliances. Once implemented, Unitrends showed an immediate positive impact, dramatically lowering total cost of ownership and considerably incrsing its return on investment.

Unitrends solution requires just one source for data protection to crte an sy-to-manage backup and recovery process, and is the simple solution for quick, sy and reliable data protection that does not interfere with network or system performance.

“Unitrends gave us all the tools to manage and feel secure about our data backup needs,” Glosser said. “We are thrilled with our latest upgrade, as well as the support we received.”

“Hlthcare is an important part of our business at Unitrends, and one in which we’ve been growing as more buyers rlize the advantages of our backup solutions versus the operational and capital expenditure required for stand-alone backup software,” Mike Coney, Chief Executive r, Unitrends, said. “Hospitals in particular just don’t have the time or staff to invest in integrating, managing, and monitoring disparate backup software point products.”

For more information, plse view the complete backup solution success story for Rappahannock eral Hospital at www.unitrends.com.

About Unitrends
Unitrends enables its customers the freedom to focus on their business instd of backup. The company achieves this through scalable, all-in-one backup solutions that no other data protection vendor can provide. Unitrends integrated backup appliance simply protects businesses’ IT infrastructures at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. More companies every day join those who have discovered the customer-obsessed, enterprise-level data protection only Unitrends can offer.

Information about Unitrends can be found at http://www.unitrends.com. and for download the software you can get from link below :

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