Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Data Recovery - Reduce complexity of data protection, retention, backup and recovery

Data has become integral to business decision making and basic operations, from product development to sales and customer management. This fact mns that any thrt to ongoing access to data - ranging from recovering from natural disasters to data corruption by s – can pose a huge risk to your business. To help address these risks, offers effective, secure solutions that help address growing data protection demands while reducing operational complexity.

You backup your data so it can be recovered/restored in case of data loss or corruption – your business can’t afford to not have data available. But ongoing data growth places more and more demands on backup processes. offers a wide range of effective, efficient and secure backup and recovery solutions to ensure that business information is always available.
Ftured integrated solutions

ProtecTIER Dedupliion Solutions
ProtecTIER® Dedupliion solutions, fturing revolutionary and patented HyperFactor® data dedupliion technology, provide enterprise-class performance, scalability, and proven enterprise-level data integrity to meet the -based data protection needs of the enterprise data center down to mid-market environments while enabling significant infrastructure cost reductions.

Information Archive
Information Archive, the next eration information retention solution is designed as an archiving repository for all types of content (structured or unstructured) to help organizations of any size address complete information retention needs—business, legal, or regulatory.

5th eration Linr Tape-Open™ technology can help solve storage challenges around consolidation, energy efficiency and security. And with improved performance and new capabilities, LTO 5 offers outstanding investment protection.

Tivoli Storage Manager
Leverage next-eration data storage and recovery management capabilities. Tivoli® Storage Manager 6 provides a wide range of storage management capabilities from a single point of control, helping companies ride the information tidal wave.

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