Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cloudmark DesktopOne - Protect your inbox from spam, phishing and viruses

Cloudmark DesktopOne installs in seconds, then automatically detects email accounts on your computer and begins filtering them with a click of a button. This spam filter's collective lice is grt at telling spam from valid mail. It works with any kind of e-mail account and any e-mail client you have at home. It's very sy to install and use, and amazingly

Cloudmark DesktopOne works differently to most spam filters. Rather than using a computer program to figure out what mail is spam it instd relies on its huge network of over one million human users to do the identifiion. Whenever a Cloudmark user spots some spam in their mail, they select the email and click the "Block Spam" button and that information is then sent to Cloudmark.

Cloudmark DesktopOne will also occasionally misses some spam and it will end up in the in-box. This usually happens when the spam has just been mailed and not enough folks in the Cloudmark network have had time to classify it as spam. When this occurs you just select the spam message and hit the "Spam" button in the Cloudmark toolbar. It disapprs immediately into your spam folder and the information is at the same time, passed along to Cloudmark to help other users.

Cloudmark DesktopOne Ftures and Benefits :
Automatically filter email foldersAutomatically filter multiple email accountsManually scan an email folderSelf-help supportFiltering for IMAP, POP, Exchange, and Web mail accountsAutomatically delete old spamTechnical support by emailMy Cloudmark account managementTrust email from senders in the local address bookThe first time you launch Cloudmark DesktopOne, it will automatically find the email accounts that are configured for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mail, Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Select the account you want to filter, or add other account manually. If you are a Cloudmark subscriber, you can add as many accounts or folders as you like, including exchange accounts, accounts that you access on other computers, accounts you access via webmail, or accounts that belong to your family or members of your organization.

System Requirements :
Operating system: 2000 and later including Vista.Outlook Express versions: Versions 5 and 6Outlook versions: 2000, XP, 2003, 2007Mail formats: POP3, IMAP, Hotmail + MS Exchange (Outlook version only)Download Cloudmark DesktopOne v1.1 from link below :
32bit, 64bit

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