Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Auto Database Recovery - Rl Time Database Recovery Enables 24-7 Availability to Essential Data

Modern databases systems often require that transactions are completed within a specified time or else they must be aborted. In such rl time systems, the database cannot afford the time to stop all currently executing transactions, restore the original database files and re-execute all committed transactions. ObjectDatabase++ has been designed for the requirments of such a modern rl-time database.

ObjectDatabase++ allows for one transaction in one process to be independently repaired by a transaction in another process, without the need to interrupt any currently executing transaction. Our unique transaction log file allows repair of the database without any undue interference to the currently processing transaction. This compares with the usual transaction control system with a trace log file, where all currently executing transactions need to cse at the same time, crting an all or nothing effect while recovery from the backup files proceed.

You can add rl-time database ftures to your C++, C# or VB.NET internet server appliion by following the top-level design as pictured in the diagram below. It shows how your database server that is made of several processes, or executing with several ATL COM web services, can recover from a of very serious problems originating from any sub-system within your appliion.

ObjectDatabase++ has been written as one integrated system with its transaction control system an integral part of the entire design – not the usual onion layering design. Mning that ObjectDatabase++ can flush through all changes at the time of the commit transaction call and doing so without been slower than other DBMS and in some cases, especially when dling with a high add/edit/delete object count - faster. This prevents any corruption of table files and the automatic recovery of all information as of the time that processing csed (assuming no failure).

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