Tuesday, May 24, 2016

AceBackup - Backup Everywhere

AceBackup is a powerful tool to crte completely secure backups of your data. Store your data on any local storage device, on , or on your remote FTP server!. A special advantage of AceBackup is the possibility to backup single files and groups of files, for example for important or confidential documents. The program can also store different versions of your files. This can be useful if you would like to restore a certain version of your file at a later date.

AceBackup has five different encryption aorithms to protect your data against unauthorized access. Smart Restore restores your backups quickly and sily, three integrated compression levels allow you to choose between quick or smallest backup files! Detailed reports and a detailed help as well as a of wizards complete the excellent functions.

By the way, AceBackup is for free.

On demand the program does not only encrypt the content of your files but also the file name to ensure completely secure backups in any case.

Back up your confidential data in only few steps:
Crte a new AceBackup project.Select the files and folders you wish to back up.Define the security settings.Define the target of backup.Done!AceBackup Ftures :
256 bit encryptionRemote FTP backupPowerfull schedulerMultiple versioningIntegrated ZIP comptessionFlexible source selectionsy to use user interface

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