Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WMWifiRouter 2.00 - Share Your Cellular Data and Internet Connection Over Wi-Fi

Morose Media relses version 2.00 of its award-winning WMWifiRouter software. Available for download immediately through the WMWifiRouter.com website, Marketplace for Mobile, and select resellers!. This new version of WMWifiRouter brings many small improvements, enhancements, bug-fixes and device-specific stability improvements.

WMWifiRouter is now also directly available from Marketplace for Mobile, in all the geographic regions where the language spoken is supported by WMWifiRouter. For now, only the PocketPC (professional, touchscreen) version of WMWifiRouter is available, but we will also relse the SmartPhone (standard, non-touchscreen) version within a few weeks.

WMWifiRouter 2.00 Ftures :
Share your cellular data/internet connection over Wi-FiConnect any Wi-Fi-enabled device with ad-hoc mode supportSupports multiple devices at the same timesy to use: for most users, getting up and running is a matter of a single clickPower saving: works even when the device is suspended!IP, Wi-Fi and cellular configuration built-in64- and 128-bit WEP encryption supportAutomatic reconnect on connection lossCompatible with almost all recent Mobile devicesDistinction between basic and advanced usersKeep-Alive support to prevent automatic disconnects for specific carriersBattery monitoring and managementSupport for sharing your cellular data connection over Bluetooth and USBSupport for sharing your Wi-Fi connection to USB, and vice versaSupport for sharing your WiMAX connection to USB and BluetoothMulti-language supportWMWifiRouter 2.00 can be downloaded directly through the links below. The CAB installers are for installation directly on your phone, while the EXE installers are used to install through your () PC. We advise the CAB installers if you know how to use them.

CAB installer - English only
EXE installer - English only
CAB installer - Multilanguage
EXE installer - Multilanguage

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