Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Free Vector Magic Desktop Edition For and Mac

The Vector Magic Desktop Edition puts the power of Vector Magic - with all of its benefits - right on your desktop. Vectorize as much as you want, without the need to upload or download any s, and with a host of extra ftures. Vector Magic Desktop Edition has a convenient drag-and-drop interface that lets you load, convert and save s very quickly. It is demonstrated in the demo .

With Vector Magic you can also copy bitmap content to the clipboard and paste it straight into the desktop appliion. Since most modern software supports both copy-paste and drag-and-drop, this provides smless integration with most graphics software.

Vector Magic Desktop Edition Ftures :
Fully automatic vectorizationBasic vectorization mode, with sy-to-choose settingsAdvanced vectorization mode, with fine-grained controlEPS, SVG and PDF vector outputAI, DXF vector outputEMF vector outputPNG bitmap outputJPG, TIF, GIF, BMP bitmap outputGIF, BMP bitmap outputBitmap output, 1x zoomBitmap output, any zoomPowerful preview to inspect the result in detailSegmentation editing capabilitiesSuper-convenient drag-and-drop interfaceSuper-convenient copy-paste inputVectorize very large sGroup shapes by colorTransparency supportBatch processingDownload Vector Magic Desktop Edition v.1.15 from link below :
for | for mac

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