Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Home Effects v1.2.5 - Custom effects and random s

Home Effects has a grt set of mac effects for juicing up your photos, or crting custom s. The product provides you with ability to use any of about 100 Core Effects and Filters available in MacOS X, and also our custom filters for manipulation.
Home Effects has a simple and intuitive interface, making editing pictures a fun. Choose an mac using the File menu, or just drag and drop it into the appliion editor window.

Apply the effects listed in the Effects List on the left of the product window by clicking on the effect title. Multiple effects can be used by subsequent clicking on the Apply button, and selecting the next effect from the list.
With Home Effects you can transform s, crop, noise, tile s, change colors, make gray scale, add bright to s, contrast, tint, twirl, bump, pinch your s, and even add more effects. The random s, and 3D effects add more flexibility for getting the desired result.

Home Effects v1.2.5 Ftures:
Core effects,OpenGL effects,Custom effects, random sSave files to most often used formats ( JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, SGI and more) with different resolution amounts,Rotating s by 90 angle,Flipping s,Resizing s,and more...Download Home Effects v1.2.5 from link below :
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