Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Broad Cam

BroadCam Strming Software
Strm & Broadcast s over the Internet

Add live or recorded to your website
Compress and strm for the Internet
strms play in all popular browsers
Broadcast from webcams or inpu

Free if you add a link. You can use BroadCam strming software free if you link to us on your site. If you cannot link to us, you will need to upgrade to the professional version after 14 days.
Viewers Can Watch With One Click
BroadCam handles everything including the strm compression, format and serving over the Internet. strms will play in the default web browser on any , Mac or Linux computer, as well as any iPhone and iPad. The viewer simply needs to click play.

Strming Ftures
Strm with audio from your computer
Host any of pre-recorded files
Strm s from all popular file formats
Supports strming such as motion jpeg (m-jpeg)
Connect and strm from a webcam or network IP camera
strms can be viewed from any web browser with a Flash plugin or in Media Player
Invite a select list of viewers to watch your strms
Add a watermark to your live strms*
Display alternate banners with a custom link URL to promote your company or erate advertising income*
Pre-record for broadcast with Debut Recorder
A Grt Business or Eduion Tool
BroadCam is idl for companies who broadcast announcements. Lecturers and tchers can also sily set up broadcasts of content or classes on their class webpage, or email invitations for students to watch strmed content.
System Requirements

Works on 8, XP, Vista and 7
Minimum 128 kbps broadband Internet connection

Viewer System Requirements
To watch BroadCam strms, viewers need either a web browser with the Flash plugin installed or Media Playe

Works with other NCH Software

Convert pre-recorded files to different formats with Prism File Converter.

Record through your webcam using Debut Recording Software.

Edit your pre-recorded files with Pad Editor to crte .

Securely record s with EyeLine surveillance software.

pay per click


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