Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DWG Recovery Toolbox – an effective tool for recovering data from corrupted AutoCAD DWG files

DWG Recovery Toolbox is a grt tool for recovering various versions of DWG files. Using quick and effective aorithms, DWG Recovery Toolbox (download) successfully recovers corrupted DWG files. The program's comfortable interface allows you to recover corrupted DWG files in several simple steps. The tool requires no special knowledge or experience. You simply follow the instructions and the program will do the rest: analyze the source file, identify objects in the file, and export the recovered data to AutoCAD. For optimal data recovery, you can select the version of AutoCAD to which the data will be exported.

DWG is the main format in AutoCAD, the most popular program in the world for computer-aided design. Millions of people use AutoCAD: designers, engineers, architects, scientists, resrchers, and other professionals. The world around us today was designed in this program: buildings, structures, airplanes, cars, and even kitchen appliances. Because it takes many hours to crte ch file in AutoCAD, sudden loss of these data is a serious problem.

If the DWG file is seriously corrupted and DWG Recovery Toolbox fails to recover the data automatically, or recovers too little information from the source file, you can click the Send source file button (or select the relevant item from the main menu). This fture allows you to send the source file to the program's developers for analysis. They will try to recover the file manually and to improve the program, and will contact you if they succeed.

DWG Recovery Toolbox is a grt tool for recovering various versions of DWG files at an affordable price. Just download DWG Recovery Toolbox from link here

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