Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Livestrm Procaster

Livestrm Procaster: One Click HD Live Encoding Software

Livestrm Procaster Allows You To:

Strm live from USB cameras
Strm live from Firewire, HDMI, HD-SDI, Composite, Component sources
Strm live your desktop and games


Highest Quality H.264/AAC
HD Multi-Bitrate Support
“Perfect Strming” indior - know when everything is going perfectly or not
Mobile and HTML5 Viewing Compatible
Built in Cropper, Audio Mixer and Color Corrector
Local MP4 recording
Anti-lag fture

Get your source into your computer using a certified input device

Recommended Certified Input Device : BlackMagic Design Decklink Studio (Buy Now from the Livestrm Store (US Only) or from B&H for international)
Recommended HDMI Only Certified Input Device : Black Magic Design Intensity Pro (Buy Now from the Livestrm Store (US Only) or from B&H for international)


Visit our store for recommended hardware configuration for HD Encoding using Livestrm Procaster.
Rd our “Audio / / Internet 101” to lrn the basics
Minimum and Recommended System Specifiion
Full List of certified input devices
Procaster also supports Game live broadcasting. See a list of supported games and instructions how to use.
Livestrm also supports any third-party hardware and software
enr capable of strming via RTMP. If you prefer using your own live
strming enr such as Flash Media Enr Live, visit this page

pay per click


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