Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Zuma Deluxe Pc Game Free And Full version download

Zuma Deluxe ReviewProsTons of levels to playGrt presentation makes the game more enjoyableSimple to play, but still provides a challengeSee how long you can survive in Gauntlet Mode, or progress through the game in Adventure ModeVarious bonuses and powerups incrse the funConsNo difficulty levels to tune the game to your skill levelLittle variety to the action

Zuma Deluxe ReviewZuma Deluxe is an an exciting puzzle game with a unique Ac theme. You must battle through multiple temples to find the secrets of the Zuma. In the game, a long chain of colored balls follows a path towards a golden skull. You've got to crte matches of three or more balls and destroy the chain before it gets there, or it's game over. You can take on a variety of levels in Adventure Mode, or see how long you can hold out against an endless chain in Gauntlet Mode. Zuma Deluxe is simple enough for anyone to get the hang of, but still packs quite a challenge.
Sometimes you have to dl with 2 lines of balls.Crting gaps to shoot through is just one advanced technique.Sometimes the ball track is on multiple tiers.Basic Gameplay:In Zuma Deluxe, you control a stone frog that sits in the center of ch level. This frog fires different colored balls that are destroyed when matched in groups of three or more. There is a long chain of the same colored balls following a winding path throughout the level than eventually ends at a golden skull. Your goal is to fire the colored balls and crte enough matches to destroy the chain before it rches the skull. If you fail to do so, you lose a life and must start the level over.Occasionally, some colored balls will randomly change and have an icon on them, indiing that they will provide you with a powerup when destroyed. Some powerups may slow the speed of the balls, while others can make them move in reverse. It sounds simple enough, but can present quite a challenge on later levels when the difficulty ramps up.sy to Lrn and Play:The controls in Zuma Deluxe are few in and simple to use. You turn the stone frog to aim balls using the mouse. You fire the balls with a simple click. The frog holds two balls at once, often two different colors. You can switch between these two balls using the Right Mouse button. Those few controls are all you need to know to begin your Zuma experience.Zuma Deluxe does a grt job when it comes to presentation and the theme. The visuals all fit well in the Ac motif. The background art for temples, the designs on the stone frog and colored balls, and even the golden skull all help build a consistent and immersive theme. The music and sound effects also fit perfectly. There are also sound cues that let you know when something is happening. The sounds will get louder as you eliminate multiple groups of balls in quick succession. Other sound effects will alert you when you get a bonus or powerup. When you put it all together, it is a grt experience.
System RequrimentsProcessor= 1.0GHz

RAM= 256MB

Graphics= 32MB
After downloadAfter download extract Data with winrar

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