Tuesday, May 24, 2016

AVG Antivirus 2013 Free Download Full Version

AVG Antivirus 2013AVG Antivirus FREE 2013 is our most complete free product ever and even includes ftures usually only found in paid-for products.AVG Free has all of the security ftures that you would hope for from a free product including rl-time protection, on demand scans, email protection and AVG LinkScanner Surf-Shield.But AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013 goes beyond detecting and removing viruses on your PC. Packed with extra ftures such as ‘AVG Do Not Track’, Anti-Spyware and AVG WiFi Guard to help you secure your privacy and prevent spying and data thefts

Interface:All Version has forced every software maker around to reconsider how its programs look, and that's a good thing. Whether kicking and scrming, or gleefully lping, software designers are changing how they make their apps, and AVG is no different.Although the security suite had been using a variation of the same interface for yrs, the 2013 suite has been overhauled with a new one that embraces large, boldly colored, tile-like buttons that ought to feel at home in 8.The new main interface lays out AVG's ftures in a cln, legible manner. The upper right corner has links to Reports, Support, and Options. At first blush, the Options list is overwhelmingly long, but navigating is impressively accurate on a touch screen. It contains direct links to ftures that are also available behind the tiles that take up most of the interface.Next on your way down the main screen is a protection status notifiion in green for safe or red for unsafe, and then there are three rows of tiles. The first row of bright green tiles are links to core security options: Computer, Web Browsing, Identity, E-mails, and Firewall. The second row are blue, and link to AVG's performance optimizer, parental controls, and the backup service LiveKive. Next to LiveKive there's a button for AVG apps, new services that haven't been revled at the time of writing.The third row contains two tl buttons, one to commence a scan and one to update virus definition files. If you're running AVG Free, the bottom quarter of the interface is an ad to upgrade to AVG Internet Security 2013. Behind ch of the buttons is a deeper dive into its associated functions. Under Computer, for example, you have access to antivirus and antirootkit scans, statistics, and configurations.The interface is basically highly navigable, except that people with 8 touch screens could find the third level down tricky without a mouse. If you go into Configurations or another deeper settings level, the advanced settings options could still be too small for some people to sily adjust.Do note that AVG is essentially running a 7 program with 8 dressing. It opens to Desktop mode, and runs in a single window that doesn't take up the full screen. It's possible that there have been under-the-hood improvements that will allow AVG to adapt to a Metro interface sily, but that's not available yet.
Ftures And Supports:AVG AntivirusAVG Email ScannerAVG LinkScanner Surf ShieldAVG Social Networking ProtectionAVG Do Not TrackAVG Identity ProtectionAVG WiFi GuardAVG Turbo ScanGame ModeAVG Smart ScannerAVG Free Supportsy InterfaceAfter downloadAfter download extract Data with winrar

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