Tuesday, May 24, 2016

iLivid Download Manager - Download free with iLivid

iLivid is a download manager with a bunch of powerful ftures that makes it the fastest and siest way to download hosted files. Only with iLivid download manager you can instantly watch files from One-Click file sharing hosts like Rapidshare.com, Megaupload.com, Hotfile.com & many more, without waiting until the download completes.

iLivid not only supports users with a premium account but also users who don't pay. iLivid download manager includes a link checker and a link grabber, and bundles vlc player for instant playback of links.
And of course, iLivid download manager is absolutely FREE!

iLivid Download Manager Ftures :
Instant Play! - Start watching your within seconds after download starts! Only with iLivid downloader.Power Download - The ultimate downloader for Rapidshare, Megaupload, FileServe, Hotfile and more.Smart and Simple - Links availability checker, preview links while downloading and many more powerful ftures.Free iLivid Download Manager from link below :
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