Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is one of the most complete appliions to manage your downloads, probably the best among the free ones, and definitely an indispensable tool. This freeware, open-source appliion presents a new version with some minor bugs fixed and new ftures that rlly enhance its performance. Free Download Manager will let you have full control over your downloads, accelerating download speed to squeeze your bandwidth.

FDM works dividing files into several segments and downloading all of them at the same time, reducing significantly download time while taking the most of your internet connection. With FDM you will be able to download files from HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, now with the additional support for Bit protocols. FDM includes a scheduler that will let you set the time for specific downloads to start, with the possibility to shut down the computer when a download is complete, and resuming downloads. It integrates with your antivirus program to analyze downloaded files and warn you in case they contain malicious .

New ftures include:
HTML Spider, allowing users to download complete websites or specific files from them, and the possibility of crting a portable version of FDM to sily use it in other computers or to take it in a memory stick, avoiding installation and enjoying its full functionality.

On the other hand, you can download flash s from the most popular -strming sites, and save them in their original format or converting them into AVI, MPEG 4, WMV, etc. with FDM's built-in media converter. Once download is complete, you can organize your files in the most convenient way, in folders according to file types, names, and other criteria within its simple and intuitive interface.

Download Free Download Manager from link below :
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