Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FBackup 4.6

It protects your important data by backing it up automatically to any USB/Firewire device, local or network loion.

FBackup4.6 has a simple interface and guides you through the process of defining a backup job using a friendly wizard that asks you:

Where do you want to store the backup (the destination).
What do you want to backup (the sources).
How do you want to run the backup (using full backup that zips the files, or mirror backup that doesn't zip them).
When do you want to run the backup (you can schedule it to run automatically or run it manually).

Once a backup job is defined, you can run it manually by pressing the
Backup button (or F6), or if you add a scheduler it will run
FBackup can sily back up sources from local drives (including
USB connected drives) to destinations such as USB/Firewire connected
devices or mapped network loions.
It crtes either standard zip files (when using "full backup"),
or exact copies of the original sources without any compression (using
"mirror backup").
The best thing about this freeware backup software is that it
protects your data for free.

It’s free for personal and commercial purposes.

FBackup is a backup software free for both commercial and personal use.
This mns that you can save some money by not having to buy another backup program.
Automatic backups.

You define a backup job, set it to run automatically, and forget
about it. FBackup will automatically run the backup at the scheduled
date, so you have the benefits not only of having your data protected,
but you'll also save precious time.
Backup with standard zip compression.

When using "full backup", the sources will be archived using
standard zip compression. FBackup uses ZIP64 compression, which mns
that it can crte zip files over 2GB in size. Also, you can
protect your backup zip files.
Exact copies of files.

If you don't want to have the files stored in one zip file,
FBackup can make exact copies of the backup sources using "mirror
backup". Since FBackup will also back up empty folders, you can use this
backup type to crte in the destination a "mirror" copy of the
original files. So it's not only a file backup software.
Run actions before/after backup.

For ch backup job, you can define an action to execute before or
after the backup.
For example, you can select "Clr backup" before the backup runs,
so that all the previous backed up files will be clred before loading
the new ones. As an after-backup action, you can set it to stand by,
log off, hibernate or even shut down the computer once the backup has
successfully finished.
sy to use.

The two main functions of a backup program are the backup and
restore operations.
FBackup makes them sy for you by offering friendly wizards. You
start a new backup wizard, select "what," "where," "how," and "when" to
backup, and the backup is rdy to run. If you have to restore files,
you'll open a restore wizard and it will ask you "where" you want the
files to be restored.
Automatic updates.

FBackup automatically checks for updates weekly, so you'll know
when a new version is relsed. The option to check for updates can be
disabled, but we recommend that it is enabled so that FBackup will be
Multiple backup destinations.
By default, your backups will be stored on the local
To be sure you have a secure backup, we highly recommend you to
store the backups on other destinations supported by FBackup (such as an
external USB/Firewire drive, or on a mapped network drive). This way,
if your computer suffers a hardware failure, you'll have your data safe
on an external loion.
Backup plugins.

You can load plugins for backing up or restoring specific program
settings or other custom data (like game saves, email data, etc.).
Once loaded in FBackup, these plugins will list the sources needed
to be backed up for that particular program in "Predefined Backups."
You can see a list of all the available backup plugins here:Free Backup Plugins.
Backup open files.

If a file is in use by another program at the time of the backup,
FBackup will still be able to back up that file, because it uses the
Volume Shadow Service that provides. So, as long as you're using
XP, Vista, 2003 Server, 2008 Server or
7, FBackup will back up those open files. As an example, you
will be able to back up your Outlook emails and settings without closing
the program first.
You can choose a language for the user interface from the
languages currently supported. If you want to help us translate the
website or its interface into another language, you can do so by
visiting the Languages page.


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