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The next eration of , a re-imagining of the operating system from the chip to the experience

This is a detailed preview of the next major relse of , -named " 8". From the chipset to the user experience, 8 brings a new range of capabilities without compromise.

8 is designed to be the first client to support systems on a chip (SoC) architectures, including ARM, and since it will be pre-installed on a range of next eration devices, it will also fture Metro, a NUI + GUI interface on the surface combined with a new appliion platform under-the-hood designed to enable the crtion of immersive experiences.

The latest iteration of 's operating system brings an innovative new platform and tools to developers. 8 apps can use a broad set of new libraries and controls, designed for fluid interaction and smless connectivity. Apps can add new capabilities to and to other apps, connecting with one another through the new interface.

The product for using the Consumer Preview are available on this page.
8 Consumer Preview Setup will check to see if your PC can run 8 Consumer Preview and select the right download. Setup also ftures a compatibility report and upgrade assistance. Built-in tools for crting an ISO or bootable flash drive are available for some previous versions of (excluding XP and rlier).
If you would prefer not to use 8 Consumer Preview Setup, you can download 8 Consumer Preview in ISO format instd.

The siest way to convert an ISO file to a in 7 is to use Disc . On a PC running XP or Vista, a third-party program is required to convert an ISO file into installable media - and ing software often includes this capability. One option is the USB/ download tool provided by the Store. You can also download 8 Consumer Preview Setup, which includes tools that allow you to crte a or USB flash drive from an ISO file ( Vista or 7 required).
Here are some ftures of " 8":

Touch-First User Interface:

· Metro style - 8 introduces a new Metro style interface built for touch, which shows information important to you, embodies simplicity and gives you control. The Metro style UI is equally at home with a mouse and board as well.
· Touch-first browsing, not just browsing on a touch device - Providing a fast and fluid touch-browsing experience, Internet Explorer 10 puts sites at the center on new 8 devices.

More Ways to Engage With Powerful, Connected Apps:

· Powered by apps - Metro style apps built for 8 are the focal point of your experience, filling your entire screen so there are no distractions.
· Apps can work together - Apps communie with ch other in 8. For example, you can sily select and email photos from different places, such as Facebook, Flickr or on your hard drive.
· Your experience syncs across your devices - Live roams all the content from the cloud services you use most — photos, email, calendar and contacts — keeping them up-to-date on your devices. With SkyDrive, you can access your files, photos and documents from virtually anywhere with any browser or with Metro style apps in 8.

Enhanced Fundamentals:

· The best of 7, only better - 8 is built on the rock-solid foundation of 7, delivering improvements in performance, security, privacy and system reliability. 8 reduces the memory footprint needed - even on the lowest-end hardware - lving more room for your apps.
· Preserving power-user favorites and making them better - For those who push the limits of their PC, 8 ftures an enhanced Task Manager and Explorer and new, flexible options for multimonitor setups.

New Developer Opportunities:

· Store - The Store will allow developers to sell their apps anywhere is sold worldwide, whether they’re crting new games or familiar productivity tools.
· Build using more languages - 8 lets you leverage your existing skills and assets to crte grt experiences using the programming language you prefer.
· Rich hardware integration lds to richer experiences, particularly for games - DirectX 11 gaming power underlies 8, allowing the sy crtion of full-screen games with smooth, flicker-free action.

New eration of Hardware:

· One - many shapes and sizes - Support for ARM-based chipsets, x86 (as well as x32 and x64) devices, touch and sensors mns 8 works butifully across a spectrum of devices, from 10-inch tablets and laptops to all-in-ones with 27-inch high-definition screens.
· Always connected - With 8, new ultrathin PCs and tablets turn on instantly, run all day on a single charge and stay connected to the Internet so your PC is rdy when you are. Next-eration system on a chip (SoC) support will also enable grtly extended standby and low-power states.
· Tap the full power of your PC - 8 runs on PCs and is compatible with the devices and programs you use today on 7, without compromise, to deliver the performance you expect of a PC.

· 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor;
· 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit);
· 16 GB available hard space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit);
· DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.
· Taking advantage of touch input requires a screen that supports multi-touch

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