Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TypingMaster Pro

User Friendly and Efficient TypingMaster Pro's complete typing curriculum lds students step-by-step to fluent error-free typing. After lrning the correct technique and using it in rl life, students will typically type 3-5 times faster with over 98% accuracy.
It takes only from 6 to 10 hours to lrn the basics of touch typing with TypingMaster. After this students can start using their new skill in their everyday life. Shortly their boarding will become subconscious and fluent.
Helping the Tcher
TypingMaster's network tools make tching typing significantly sier and more enjoyable. Automatically recording personal study data for ch student as well as calculating results and test scores, TypingMaster saves the tcher's time and energy allowing them to focus attention on the individual needs of their students.
Motivated Lrning
For students TypingMaster offers an enjoyable and motivating way to lrn to type. Multi-form exercises such as board drills, typing games and tests, provide diversity whilst instant feedback and long-term progress statistics effectively maintain

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