Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sharing a Folder in Systems

Trick 49:-How to Share a Folder in SystemsIf you have a home network or inside a corporate network, you can share your files with other computers in your house or share documents with your co-workers.-Having a shared folder is convenient for file exchange.-You don’t need to bring a blank or a flash drive to another computer to copy the files you need and bring back to your computer.-In order for you to set up a shared folder, you need to have a home workgoup network setup or under the same domain inside a corporate.-You can follow these steps to setup a sharing folder.-Step 1 Crte a new folder, you can place inside the C drive, or you can put in on your desktop or inside your “My Documents” folder.-Step 2 Now select the folder and right click on it, choose “Properties”.-The folder properties window opens up.-Step 3 On the top of the window, click on “Sharing” tab.-And select the radio button “Share this folder”. Then enter a name for the share name.-Step 4 On the same window, click on “Permission” and the permission window will come up.-The default group or user names is Everyone, of course you can add or remove another group or user by clicking the “Add” and “Remove” buttons. Step 5 In the permissions box, give proper permissions to ch group or user: “Rd” mns to grant the user to rd only, while “Change” grant to edit and “Full Control” mns you grant access to rd, edit and delete files within the shared folder.-Step 6 Now to test your work: from Start, click on Run, enter the network path to the folder, normally looks like this: pcnamesharedfoldername.

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