Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RockMelt ( Full )

Now, you can preview and see photos right from your Twitter timeline!

Not only do in-line photos make it sier to pick out interesting Twitter updates, they’re also a grt complement to the photo-editing tools introduced in the previous update. This version of RockMelt for iPhone also gives you a consolidated view of all your apps on the home screen to help you keep up with the hottest news.

Happy browsing!

What’s New in v0.16.0

Photos right in your Twitter timeline
Single list of all your apps and feeds
Performance and bug fixes

To install the latest RockMelt for iPhone, click the button below:

Social Rding launched in November and we’re alrdy seeing some incredible usage, with RockMelters sharing an article with friends every second! With this update, you’ll discover even more awesome content you may have missed on your own.

As always, you have full control over the sites you want to share Social Rding activity from and those you don’t. You can also remove or hide stories from your Timeline and control how news apprs on your Timeline from your private Activity Log. Plus, Social Rding is only available for a handpicked set of sites. Check out our Social Rding help page for more info.

We can’t wait to see what you think. Happy 2012 and happy browsing!

How to Upgrade

Your RockMelt will automatically upgrade over the next 24 hours so stay tuned! From that point on, you’ll be able to add the Social Rding experience to your Timeline.

p.s. A bunch of you have alrdy told us how much you love the Social Omnibox. If you haven’t quite familiarized yourself with it yet, just know that — in addition to the social ftures — you can type in words and srch directly from the Social Omnibox. sy, right?


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