Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Punjabi Fonts All

How to Install Punjabi Font: 7 And 8
1 Click Start | Settings | Control Panel.
2 Double-click on the Fonts folder.
3 Choose File | Install New Font.
4 In the Folders menu, navigate to the folder containing Punjabi that you wish to install.
A list of available fonts will appr in the List of Fonts window.
5 Click on Punjabi font to install or use the "Select All" button to install all fonts in the List
of Fonts.
6 Click on OK
How To Uninstall Fonts in XP:
1 Click on Start > Control Panel > Fonts to open your Fonts folder.
2 Select (highlight) the font(s) you want to uninstall.
3 Copy the font(s): Edit > Copy or Ctrl+C
4 Go to another folder where you want to keep your uninstalled fonts and copy/paste
the font(s) there: Edit > Paste or Ctrl+V
5 Return to your Fonts folder (make sure the fonts are still selected/highlighted) and
click on File > Delete
6 Click on Yes when you get the "Are you sure you want to delete these fonts?

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