Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2012 Final

PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2012 Final - this is one of the best software that helps protect your computer in rl time from the effects of spyware, trojans, advertising and other dangers. Spyware Doctor is advanced system scanning and immunization against known browser infections. Some programs, like Web pages, contain spyware, they move to your computer, collect confidential information and send it to the specified address. To cut their way onto your computer using Spyware Doctor. It detects all known spyware and does not allow them to boot and run on your computer.

PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2012 Final Ftures :

Extended Protection
Proactive protection from the behavioral analysis - integrated tools ThrtFire blocks new thrts faster than traditional signature-based detection methods.Privacy Policy
Web-based protection - Blocks access to potentially dangerous and phishing websites and prevents malicious downloads through a web browser, IM-clients and e-mail.Protection of Web Browser - Protection from Web attacks, including phishing, fraudulent schemes and subtle intimidation download.Browser Defender Toolbar - Warns about unsafe and phishing sites and displays a safety rating of websites in srch results.E-mail Security
Post the screen - Protects your computer against spyware and viruses sent and sent by email.Additional Ftures :
Game Mode - Prevents interruption when you use your computer in full screen mode.Technical Support - Includes a system clock 24/7 online support.Smart Update Smart Updates - Frequent automatic updates of virus signatures and program modules, so you are always protected against the latest thrts.A comprehensive protection from malwareRl-time protection in rl timeAdvanced Detection and Removal TechnologyZero-Day Protection - Protection against new and unknown thrts before they are discoveredAn improved method for detecting rootkits kitsBackground mode, low CPUAutomatic updates using the technology of Smart UpdateDownload PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2012 Final from link below :

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