Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Opera New


Get suggestions as you srch
Srch suggestions predict questions as you type, making
srching quicker and sier. Common srches for the major srch
engines are now built into Opera. Type your question right into the
address field, and Opera does the rest.

Use any srch engine instantly
It is sy to use your favorite srch engine whenever you want
— from the srch field, the address field or even the context menu.
You can also add any srch engine. Simply right-click in the srch
field of a srch engine’s website and select “Crte Srch”.

Find what you need in webpages
“Find in page” is brilliant in Opera. All matching results are
highlighted, so they are clrly visible. You can fine-tune your srch
to match all the text, just the whole word or only the links or the
page. This fture can be accessed from board shortcuts such as . (period) for text and , (comma) for links.


Make it your own
With a alog full of colorful themes, you can give the browser a look you love, instantly. Or, crte a design of your own!

Customize the browser
You can add, remove or reposition buttons and toolbars or change the entire layout of the browser. It is sy to do... or undo.

Convenient bookmarks
It’s sy to bookmark your favorite sites — just press the star function in the browser’s address field.

Crte your own shortcuts
Opera offers many ways to perform browser actions, and you can also customize your board shortcuts, mouse gestures and more.


Look inside tabs
When you hover the mouse pointer over a tab, a preview shows
you the content of that page. When you stack tabs, hovering over a stack
also shows a preview of the tabs within, and you may select the tab you
want to use.

Recover tabs you closed
You can open tabs that you accidentally closed or website
pop-ups that Opera blocked by clicking the closed tabs icon to the right
of your tabs.

Protect a tab from closing
By right-clicking a tab, you can pin it to prevent it from
being closed by accident. Pinned tabs take up minimal space and are
automatically moved to the left of other tabs to make them sy to find.

Get a better view of tabs
Visual tabs show a small thumbnail for ch website, in
addition to the page title and icon. You can drag the tab bar to the
desired height to adjust the thumbnail size accordingly.

Save sets of tabs
You can save your open tabs as a “session” and load it later to
open these same pages. You can have multiple sessions and load ch one
based on what you are doing at a certain time.


Stay in control of downloads
Download files more quickly. As soon as you click a file to
save it, the Opera browser starts downloading it, so there’s no wasted
time. From the Downloads tab, you can keep track of the progress of
downloads and pause and resume them as needed.

Use extensions
Opera extensions provide useful services such as news updates, wther reports, management — even online translation.

Follow your favorite feeds
Subscribing to newsfeeds with Opera Mail is simple. Just click
the RSS link in the address field, click “Subscribe”, and the feed will
display under “Newsfeeds” at the bottom of your Mail panel. Now, you can
get your RSS feeds right in the browser without using a separate

Keep your spelling in check
The spell checker in Opera shows a red line under misspelled
words anywhere you can enter text on a webpage. Corrections can be
chosen by right-clicking the misspelled word.

Eliminate distractions
You can block s, pop-ups and plug-ins that you do not want
to see. Right-click a page, choose “Block Content” and click any
annoying elements to disable them selectively. In the Opera browser,
smart pop-up blocking is turned on by default.

Manage bookmarks efficiently
Give your bookmarks sy-to-remember names or group them into folders to help manage your bookmarks as your collection grows.

Load plug-ins only when needed
You can choose to have plug-ins such as Flash load
content only when clicked. This is helpful to speed up browsing on
computers that have difficulty handling lots of plug-in content.

Latest Technologies

The fastest JavaScript engine
The Carakan JavaScript engine has been further enhanced to run
more quickly than ever! This makes Opera the fastest browser on rth in
many performance tests. Even complex webpages load and run with
lightning speed.

Support for the latest web technology
With our support for the most current web standards, you’ll be
able to do more than ever online, from interactive apps to multiplayer

Smooth and fast graphics

Thanks to Opera’s high-performance Vega graphics library, even pages with lots of s load quickly and smoothly.

Geoloion support
You can share your loion with geoloion-supported websites
such as Google Maps. Rest assured that your privacy is a top priority —
you will always be prompted before sharing your loion.

Security and Privacy

Be safe on the web
The Opera browser ftures up-to-the-minute information from
lding security acies on s, viruses and phishing scams. When
you visit sites on the web, Opera checks this data in rl time and
warns you when a site is identified as dangerous. In addition, Opera
supports Extended certifies (EV) to provide added
assurance and trust for secure websites.

Keep your browsing private
Using a private tab or window ensures that evidence of your
browsing history is removed as soon as the tab or window is closed. Now,
it is safer to do your banking from a public computer or sier to plan
that surprise vaion.

See your security on websites
An enhanced address field makes it sy to stay safe on the
web. The complexity of long addresses is hidden to make it clr which
site you are visiting. A colored badge also indies the quality of
encryption that is used; clicking it gives you detailed information
about the site.

Control website cookies
Opera allows you to choose which cookies you accept or reject.
For example, you can allow for different set-ups for different servers.

Stay up to date
Opera makes it sy to have the latest version of the browser
and any extensions you are using. You can have completely automatic
updates or be notified when an update is rdy for you to install. As
always, with Opera, it is your choice.


Enjoy integrated debugging
Opera Dragonfly
is our integrated debugging environment. Inspect the DOM, CSS, and
network traffic and data stores, troubleshoot your JavaScript, and take
advantage of our unique remote debugging functionality.

Lrn the latest web technology
Dev Opera hosts articles and discussions on the latest in web technology. Join in and stay in touch with the direction of tomorrow’s web.

Make your site shine in Speed Dial
Opera’s popular Speed Dial fture supports butiful
high-resolution icons for sites. To make your site look its best in
Speed Dial, lrn about how to optimize websites and their icons.


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