Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NovaBACKUP Professional - Automatically backs up and protects your important files on your laptop, PC, or workstation

NovaBACKUP Professional makes it sy to follow best-practice data protection procedures. sy setup and step-by-step wizards make this the perfect tool for you and your company, and a grt data protection solution for home and small business users.

NovaBACKUP has an improved user interface and industry lding device support giving you the ability to backup your data to / drives, online over the internet, or to tape drives, drives and other media without interfering with other programs. The Step-by-Step Wizard guides you through performing backup and restoration procedures, and the integrated -imaging disaster recovery mns you will be up and running fast when the worst happens.

NovaBACKUP is the reliable and cost-effective data protection software solution, protecting critical information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within safe and sy-to-manage processes and automated schedules.

NovaBACKUP Professional Ftures and Benefits :
Simplify Your Digital Life - NovaBackup is sy to install and sy to use. Wizards guide you through the process and your protection begins immediately.Take The Stress Out of Backup - Automatic processes continually update your protection – no need to remember to run backups. NovaBackup will even email to tell you that your files have been backed up.Get Full Pce of Mind - Disaster recovery and full imaging options allow you to restore your entire system including appliions and all files even in the event of total computer loss. NEW … differential imaging makes it fast and sy to keep your ‘system ’ up to date.Double Protect Your Data - Local and online storage all in one. This is the only way to fully protect yourself and maintain best access to your data.Find and Restore Files sily - With NovaStor’s patent pending technology, restore historical versions of files, from a single view, regardless of when or where the files were backed up. You don’t even have to remember which device you stored a file on. NovaBACKUP remembers and tells you!Backup with Lightning Fast Speed! - Fast Bit Technology updates your backups with bit level incremental changes. This makes for super fast backups both locally and online.Download NovaBACKUP Professional from link below :
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