Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nitro PDF Rder

Nitro PDF Rder is an appliion that allows you to view and edit PDF files in a user-friendly environment.

installation, Nitro PDF Rder offers to set up a plugin for your web
browsers, one that enables you to directly view PDFdocuments without
having to download them (as it usually happens with other PDF rders).

interface of the tool is simple and intuitive. You can open a PDF
document by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method.

you can view file properties, crte digital IDs, save text as a
flattened PDF, as well as print it or email it as a PDF attachment.

you can also zoom in and out, use a hand tool to move sily, fit the
page, rotate the view and use a selection tool for graphics, text and

In addition, you can add notes and markup text
(highlight, crossout, underline), type text and stamp a copy of your
handwritten signature on the page.

Furthermore, you can convert
several formats (including DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, BMP, JPG and WMF) to
PDFs or text documents, extract s from PDF files, work with forms,
use the undo, redo and srch functions, customize the user interface,
and more.

The software takes up a moderate-to-high amount of
system resources, includes a comprehensive help file for beginners and
didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. Also, it has a
very good response time.

The bottom line is that we couldn't find
anything wrong with Nitro PDF Rder and we strongly recommend it to
all users, whether they are novices or experts.

Expect More:
· Many users of free PDF rders expect compromise.
· It might be limited functionality — or none at all. Maybe "free"
equates to in-product advertising, forced , and constant
attempts to upsell you a paid product. Perhaps it's an oversize
download, with security concerns and updates so frequent you wonder why
you're doing so much, for so little in return.
· Not anymore. With Nitro Rder you can start doing more, without the compromise you've come to expect.
· Work with PDF the way you want

Work with PDF the way you want:
· Not just a rder or viewer, Nitro Rder does a whole lot more. With a
user experience and interface that aim to redefine your expectation of
"free" alongside premium ftures, you may start to wonder why you ever
used anything else.
· Start controlling your work and the way people access it, using the only free PDF rder that allows you to crte PDF files.
· Extract content from PDF files

Extract content from PDF files:
· Repurpose PDF-based content you used to think was locked away, with
powerful tools to extract text and s for reuse wherever you need

Collaborate digitally:
· Join the collaboration cycle with best-in-class tools to comment, markup, and review PDF files with the se of pen and paper.


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