Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mediachance Photo-Rctor 1.0.3

Photo-Rctor is a brand new highly optimized dynamic editor and effect processor with absolutely unlimited possibilities and fantastic effects. Applying one static effects after another is so last century. Instd everything you do in Rctor is fully dynamic, always rdy to be twked or rrranged.

Mediachance Photo-Rctor Ftures :

Extremely powerful
Once you start working with the software you will discover its huge power that lies in the logic of nodal editing and the simplifiion of effects.It does look different at first sight, but in a short time things become very logical and you will rlize how the old way of editing is incredibly limited.Grows with you but doesn't get old
You can use what you need and then slowly keep discovering new things as you progress. The software doesn't require you to lrn everything right away. You can walk before you run.Share and lrn
You probably tried to rept some effects from books or online tutorials where you had to follow many pages of step-by-steps.That is all in the past. With Photo-Rctor the effect flow is self explanatory, it is not obfused in a pile of layers with multitude of mystery effects applied in completely unknown sequence.sy to Follow
It is very sy to follow how some advanced effects work. A simple click on any effect will show how the processing at that stage and you can sily trace the id of the effect object by object.Import projects
Another unexpected fture is that you can actually re-crte project from PSD layered files. That is right, just import PSD file and the layers will turn into a Photo-Rctor flow.Scripting for the adventurous types
The training wheels are off! A full high level c++ syntax language is build directly in the software. The fast language supports polymorphism, inheritance or multidimensional arrays among other things. You have no id what this all mns? No problem, the scripting is completely optional.Extendable by third parties
We crted a very sy to use SDK, but even more importantly the software itself can erate the source project for its plug-in where you set up everything visually and then fill-up the blanks with your processing. The interface, the sliders and data ization is all done for you.Add a new dimension to your crtive tool-box
Designer professionals, home users or eduional institution can appreciate the new crtive dimension that Photo-Rctor opens.Plays nice with others
Photo-Rctor can call other software such as to do part of the work and automatically update the process when needed.Download Mediachance Photo-Rctor 1.0.3 from link below:

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