Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Install XP within 10 minutes

Install XP within 10 minutes
Here i am going to the secret that i got from another community . I found that we can bypass the 39 minute of time while we are installing xp.

Hope U Will Like IT...
Same process can be applied to 7 or 8 to speed up the installation.

We all know that after loading the file or copying the file from the boot to temporary space the system requires a first time reboot.

Now if we press shift+f10 then the command prompt will open.
Type "taskmgr" without quotes to open task manager.
Go to "processes" tab.
There we will find that a process is running named setup.exe

Now our task is to make the priority of this process maximumm by right clicking on that.

Right click on that. Click set priority and then set priotity to above normal or Rl time.
We are done.

Find ur xp installed in 10 min with tolerance 2 min

Note: This trick of setting priority can be applied to any software that takes much more time in installation like Visual Studio, MS , etc.

Enjoy .
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Also rdInstall window using ghost.

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