Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download Free Daemon Tools Lite

Download Free Daemon Tools Lite Small in size but powerful ftures emulator / drives allows you to "pick up" any , made by any utility for copying s (eg, Clone), ie can work with what you want "disc" - even with the PlayStation. Similarly, in the emulator is possible to "paste" copied to the hard audio- or -discs.

The program works through the system tray menu with which you get access to all commands. Here you can select the of added virtual drives, mount s for ch of them. To identify ch drive, you can choose any letter English alphabet, which is not yet in use. Also, for ch virtual device can be set to your region . It is worth noting that the connection and disconnection of virtual drives occurs almost instantaneously and without having to reboot. Ftures can be expanded with additional modules, which in large quantities are produced by third parties.

Virtualization drives
Crte up to 4 virtual drives (2 DT and 2 SCSI) to mount several sSetting up virtual drives: change a drive letter, region, etc.
Mounting *. Mdx, *. Mds / *. Mdf, *. Iso, *. B5t, *. B6t, *. Bwt, *. C, *. i, *. Bin / *. Cue, *. Ape / *. cue, *. nrg, *. pdi, *. isz s on virtual drivesThe main functions of the backup
Crte. Iso, *. Mds / *. Mdf and *. Mdx s of / / Blu-ray discsProtecting s Compressed Management- directory.Download Free Daemon Tools Lite from link below

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