Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Copy Protect 1.5.0 ( Full )

Copy Protect® 1.5.0

The ULTIMATE Copy Protection Tool For Your Media Files!

Unbrkable copy protection for all
your media files. Prevent illegal copying and distribution of your
confidential work files and projects. Overview

Protect Your Media Files. Defend Against Piracy!

Copy Protect is the ultimate copy protection
tool for your media files. Copy Protect protects important media
documents, training materials, e-lrning contents, trade and business
documents, company presentations, crtive files, project files, etc.
against being copied and tampered with. Copy Protect allows protecting
all media files including PDFs, Flash Files, MS Files, s and

Copy Protect gives you the portability of protected files so that you can distribute them without any fr of data being copied illegally.
Files protected with Copy Protect can be kept on s and s or copied
to USB drives and external drive(s). No other copy protection software
offers a more comprehensive set of flexible data protection ftures.
Once ed or saved to the destination drive, your files can only be
run from that particular drive. If someone tries to play protected files
after copying them to another loion, these files will not run. This
helps you defend against piracy, plagiarism and illegal distribution of
your media files.
All files and folders that need to be protected (for e.g.
confidential corporate presentation files or project files which have
s, s, Audios, and other files) are encrypted into one single
database, a self-executable appliion (EXE files) that runs as
stand-alone on any computer of your choice. You do not need to install
Copy Protect again on any other system. At no point in time will there
be an access to the original file format. Copy Protect even comes with
an own Player/Viewer which requires no installation on the end user PC.
Additionally, all types of media like /, Download or USB stick are
also supported.
Copy Protect requires absolutely no programming skills whatsoever and
the of files that you can protect with Copy Protect is
unlimited. For users looking for copy protection solutions for their
tms or their entire organizations, Copy Protect comes with multiple
Copy Protect works perfectly on all 32-bit and 64-bit
Operating Systems that include 7, Vista, 2008
Server, XP, 2000 and Window 2003 Server and it is also
compatible on all file systems like FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.


Content Protection: The
contents of your files and the files themselves are always protected.
Copy Protect never allows access to your original files.
Stand-alone Appliions: All your files are imported into one single data file (EXE). Only this data file is distributed and not the original files.
Government-level Security: All
self-executable appliions are secured to the highest security
standards. When you transfer your files from one place to another, only
the secure data file (EXE) is visible on the distribution media. The
original data file itself is NEVER accessible.
Clr and User-friendly: Sleek,
modern, and clr user interface with concise specifiions and
guides. sy to follow copy protection wizard and step-by-step functions
for a clutter-free appliion functionality.
Global Success: Be a member of a global community with loyal customers in over 25 countries.
Comprehensive Operating and File System Support: Copy Protect
works perfectly on all 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems
including 7, Vista, 2008 Server, XP,
2000 and Window 2003 Server and it is also compatible on all
file systems including FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.


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