Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts

Repair the damage or error on a computer or laptop is not only a work of a computer expert. Because sometimes there is just a simple problem, so that we can solve them alone. This we can do to make the diagnosis (check) and look for where the loion of the damage.

Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts provide a fairly complete tutorial on how to detect damage (errors) on a computer and provide a summary in a flowchart. what is provided in the flowchart? Here's the explanation:
Power Supply Failure, Detecting and provide solutions about the problems with power supply\ card Diagnostic, provide flowcharts of the problems associated with the display, such as the monitor is not lit, no signal, a installation that does not fit and others.CPU, RAM and Motherboard Troubleshooting. This may often occur in our computer, such as off-screen, RAM (memory) problems, the CMOS battery is dd until the damage to the motherboard.Hard Drive failure, the diagnosis of damage or error on the hard . and Failure, to detect errors on a or .Modem FailureSound Card Diagnostics. If your computer does not make a sound, try rding about this article.Network Troubleshooting, provides tutorial issues with Networking.The eight articles are all given in the flowchart and provide an explanation of ch section in detail. In order to make it sy, then we can download for free all these articles in a PDF ebook: Computer Repair with Diagnostic flowcharts (582 KB). ch article was also discussed online that can be viewed at the address http://www.fonerbooks.com/pcrepair.htm

It also can download a free poster that describes the problem when the computer fails to boot Boot Failure Troubleshooting Poster ( 30" x30 "printable PDF ).

Although the tutorials are described in detail, but perhaps it is more appropriate if directed to people who will be engaged in the world repair Computer / PC or at lst alrdy have a basic knowledge of computers.

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