Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cobian Backup 11

Cobian Backup Boletus is a backup software solution designed to back up your files either on the local computer or onto another system in the network.

Of course, just as expected, there are multiple backup modes supports, including full, differential, incremental and dummy, with dedied settings for ch of them.

But first, the interface. Although the appliion is supposed to address such an important task, that of crting backups, Cobian Backup Boletus is pretty intuitive and has a well-organized look.

It shows all details of a new task straight in the main window, but also gives you access to all of its ftures with just a single click.

Setting up a new task is very sy and lets you configure the files or folders you wish to backup, but also enable Volume Shadow Copy, use file attribute logic or crte separate backups using timestamps.

Of course, you have to specify source and destination, and, if you wish, enable the scheduler and provide the days of the week, date and time to perform the operation.

You also have the option to use archives and choose 7z or ZIP compression, along with protection, encryption and split settings. Last but not lst, you can configure file exclusions and other tasks to be performed before the backup begins.

Cobian Backup Boletus boasts a very rich settings menu, with configuration options regarding the engine, compression, functionality, visuals and FTP.

In addition, the appliion supports remote backup and comes with a dedied tool to remove old backups and show backup history.

As a conclusion, Cobian Backup Boletus is one of the best software solutions when it comes to backups and one of the few that provide so many ftures with a freeware .

· Zip64 for zip files larger than 2 GB
· Strong encryption: Supported methods are Blowfish (128 bit), Rijndael (128 bit) and DES (64 bit)
· An open plugin architecture to allow the program's enhancement
· 3 different methods to copy files, if the main method fails, 2 more methods will be used.
· The interprocess communiion can be done using TCP/IP. This allows a better communiion between the program parts AND the program can be administrated from another machine anywhere in the world.
· Backup to multiple destinations
· A backup history is displayed
· Zip files can now be split
· Remote backup
· Automatically remove old backups
· The appliion can be used as a command line utility. No separate command line program is needed


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