Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blue Screen Problem

Trick 52:admin- How to auto restart Xp and Vista in case of System Failure Blue Screenof Dth in both of Xp and Vista are the most terrible thing which happens when thereis a system failure and machine comes to an halt. The next you do is power down themachine and start it manually. However you can change this to make it restartautomatically after the dump is crted instd of waiting.-* Right click on My Computer and Click Properties-* Click on settings of System and Recovery.-* Remember this place is you can configure what the system will do when it gets into system failure.-* Just check the check box which says Automatically restart Now the next time your computer goesfor a system failure it will auto restart.-But You will have to wait for the dumb to get crted.-Moreover you can also check for Overwriting the old dump file in case you want to save some space.

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