Tuesday, May 24, 2016

100% Free Download Manager For You

Major browsers today are primarily focused on providing a rich web browsing experience, with file downloading often being a secondary or lower concern. The built-in download capabilities are a bare-bones, sometimes tacked-on fture. You can change that today by augmenting your browser with Download Manager for a richer, faster, and vastly improved downloading experience.

Download Manager is a program that integrates with your web browser and improves upon its basic default download capabilities.
Download Manager Ftures :
Split large downloads into multiple segments and download them simultaneously for up to 6x faster download speedsAutomatically recovers and resumes failed downloads after network outages, connection problems, or power outagesPause, resume, and rate-limit any downloads at any timeNotify yourself of completed downloads with custom soundsLimit your download rate at pre-scheduled times to prevent interference with other network activity such as playing games or watching Smlessly integrates with both Internet Explorer and Firefox to handle all of your downloads in one centralized appliionDownload 100% Free Download Manager from link below :

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